2016 Garden City Publishers,Taipei

Garden City Publishers/Correspondence, 作品 Works

田園通信|王立晴 紙個展  2016/6/25~7/24

Correspondence|Kathrin Stalder Solo Exhibition on Paper

“Art is communication that links you and me.”~ Kathrin Stalder



Kathrin is from Switzerland. She likes to travel and make original hand-made mails to friends. She believes that art can be a connection between you and me; it will awaken our feelings and emotions that we seldom show. Once she realized that how much mails she had received from her best friend, then she got an idea to use them to create new artwork. For Kathrin, memory can always be looked at it again, and to be transformed into a new look.

For Garden City, Kathrin chose 15 works to show, including books, collages and sculptures. They are all made with paper, with sewing machine going over it.

Paper can build an endless space that reflects us in different times. Correspondence brings out a relationship with outside world, but also with an inner self. It’s an ongoing process like a thread of sewing machine that keeps going forwards.

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